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"A mysterious movie with very original images that still make you think even after watching it multiple times. The use of space on the screen by giving us the possibility of feeling immersed among the tangible objects, gives us at the same time the possibility of feeling ethereal, of becoming the voice-over that narrates their doubts and despair. The spectator in the movie theater, leaves the seat to be transmuted into living, incorporeal thoughts that doubt their existence and human relationships.


The shot in a single room is visually masterful. The tension works in every second of its six minutes so that the whole time is perceived as a surprising, fresh, and imaginative film that shows an existential theme. His narrative uses all the semantic means available to the creator: soundscape, visual landscape, and voice. The director handles these different levels with aplomb and supreme poetic focus.


It was a joy to judge!

Delluc Avant-Garde Winner


"At first you might think that 12 minutes is too long for a poetic film, but what really appeals to this work is the feeling that it is unfolding at the moment: the flurries of declarations, the political energy regarding the rights of women; without a doubt, an important film with social relevance and power.


As a consideration by this Jury, it is noted that some very original passages alternate with other less illustrative ones. Furthermore, the doctrinal structure suggests, in some parts of its intrinsic rhythm, that the film pays too much attention to the statement and therefore loses poetic energy. However, in general, this does not detract from the work of a director who has an original vision and has not been frustrated or 'professionalised'

by the system.


Someone to follow."

Amero Revelación Award


"A film with great originality in the juxtaposition of image, text, and sound. With several moments of surprise and a narrator who manages to withstand the tension between everything presented on the screen. The film creates strong images by means of a poem or several poems –as received by the audience– that will stay in the subconscious trying to find an explanation or a moment to come out.


The only observation is that the editing should pay attention to its rhythm, as it might feel too long at times. But ultimately it is a beautiful audiovisual poem made with great manufacturing that goes beyond the screen to feel, not only the space generated by its sound and image, but also its tactile sensation."

Epstein Special Mention


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