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"This piece highlights because of its value of audiovisual language that formulates a harmonious balance between the image-audio polarity. The first thing that stands out is the extraordinary photography that sometimes achieves sublime images. The underwater shots are inevitably reminiscent of Jean Vigo's L'Atalante. The sparkles on the water, even in night shots, are simply mesmerizing. Its moments of sound, that function as counterpoints to the image that return us to the earthly, are, in reality, synesthesia... the smell, the stench, the flies, or the cough, as a metonymy for the extinction of life.

Its slow, meditative, and very well-planned rhythm allows the viewers to immerse themselves in the daily reality of the fisherman, in his visceral and disturbing working conditions, in the body, through an atmosphere of textures, which speaks to us of the life of the sea merging with
the life of the fisherman, in a unique and beautifully executed relationship.

Despite the cruelty of the slaughter of the fished animals, a result is obtained in which the aesthetic category of the grotesque occupies a preponderant place and transforms the meaning of beauty,
in which death is a fundamental element.

All this makes this piece leave a memorable mark, a beautiful film that has moments

of true grace."

Delluc Avant-Garde Winner


"This work, being a self-referential film essay that evokes elements of family memory triggered by forced confinement, is an audiovisual piece of great relevance for the moment

we are living in.

Its sound edition is a pertinent proposal and the atmospheres it produces, as well as the intimate and autobiographical document, are of great honesty. Its cinematography is beautifully composed, and it also pays great attention to detail, especially the tactile elements.

The work captures attention and preserves a sense of mystery without being descriptive, and gives us the feeling of looking at something new, sincere, true to the person who made it; which connects us emotionally and shows that non-fiction and the expressive need of the artist can result
in a perfect combination."

Epstein Special Mention


"It is a subtle and poetic piece, with evocations of the video art of the 70s. Although at the same time the short film is quite disturbing, especially due to the voice of the poet and the tone in which he expresses the text. The way in which the director visually recreates the theme, through collage, undoubtedly shows a unique vision whose meaning is found in that voice-over that accompanies us on the journey.

Furthermore, the notion of time that is evoked is desperately poetic. An absolutely playful work, its images with an old look, the broken grain, and the diluted colors make up a mosaic whose parts make sense throughout the work.

It is a visual poem that expands the literary and precisely frames the scope of the audiovisual."

Amero Revelación Award



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