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"The film is visually very striking, creating a dance of imaginative forms, strange beasts, and gods, in a cycle of rebirth. You can enjoy this piece immensely, for its caustic humour and Ernst-like use of collage where the grotesque juxtapositions of the detritus of modern civilisation, shaped into unexpected new life forms and set into this series of ritualistic choreographies will delight your gaze with the sheer creativity of its hybrid beings emerging into life, performing their dance, and transforming. The structure was well-considered, as was the use of musical moods.

Albeit there is no emotional reaction as such, the film in such a graphic spectacle,

is a wild display of the potential of imagination to create new forms just as scientists tell us that the sixth mass extinction of existing species is underway."

Delluc Avant-Garde Winner


"This piece is a poetic mediation on our relationship with time and memory, here captured and held on a compilation film –in this case, found footage of anonymous people–. It builds an open narrative through sensitively editing and occasional voiceover, which provides a subtle structure to the film, without intruding too much on the audience's meditation, to the extent that inviting them to reflect, without forcing ideas. The images are allowed to tell their own story, accompanied and in dialogue with a gentle and well-crafted soundtrack. The overall experience is one of gentle immersion in a stream of memory, with a heightened awareness of the value of the present moment."

Epstein Special Mention


"A very engaging and original use of archives, which are re-appropriated by the filmmaker with wit and, at times, humour. Moreover, this film is intriguing, it ignites the curiosity to see the story evolve, with full attention. The use of found footage is very interestingly done, allowing the imagination to connect the image and sound in a way that is not forced by the director. The use of subtitles to create a sense of an inner dialogue is exquisite.


However, the structure is not always as tight and well-sculpted, leading to a loss of tension in places. Therefore, the pacing needs more consideration. The use of sound is very effective and well thought-through. At times, it could have perhaps better supported the drama, particularly towards the end. Also, some of the animations do not maintain their skillful, letting the whole film down. Nonetheless, in a different section –the photo on the beach–, the animation works beautifully. Besides the use of animation overall, undermining a sense of historical 'truth', is something to remember.

All in all, there is a lot of potential here, the film is a distinctive creative gesture, irreverent, and mostly effective in its deconstruction of filmic tools. We salute the filmmaker for being so open to experimentation with film form and narrative."

Amero Revelación Award



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