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What's about Fotogenia? It is the ability to capture attention and to move the train of thought and emotions. Fotogenia is the spark of life and, possibly, of revolution

Hélène Matte


VOL. 6 / 2024

FOTOGENIA IS THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL FILMPOETRY & DIVERGENT NARRATIVES FESTIVAL IN MEXICO, promoting one space with an alternative conception of films, a celebration of experimentation and avant-garde framework, the love of curiosity and research of the seventh Art. Everyone is invited, taking into consideration the disruptive nature of the selected works.

FOTOGENIA is a Film Festival held in the heart of Mexico City that celebrates cinema itself, experimentation with its nature, formats, genres, narrative, projection spaces, and all the freedom to explore the audiovisual image without restriction. It joins the Festivals of this type around the world such as the Film & Video Poetry Symposium held in Moscow, Los Angeles, and New York, Rencontres Internationales which takes place in Paris and Berlin, and Le FIFA, Festival International du Film Sur l'Art in Montreal, Canada.

If you are an audiovisual maker who doesn't find a place within the traditional film festivals and you are interested in provoking the cinematographic image through the exploration of its frontiers and limits, in order to converse with the viewers in innovative and critical ways to ignite a confrontation between reality and cinematic phenomenon, this is your place to exhibit your passion. We receive film poetry, avant-garde films, video art & experimental cinema.

And if you are an avid spectator for finding new film proposals, personal and experimental works of cinema, this is your place to watch.

We welcome you to experience films in another way!

Open your gaze!



I was absolutely delighted to be included in this festival embracing the poetic and the experimental. And then my queer, feminist, collaborative animated collage work won the festival prize! So I am very grateful indeed


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