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"This piece is an eloquent and poetically charged audiovisual poem. A huge technical achievement. Here the complexities of the technical work such as manipulation details are integrated into Sagris's existential poem and don't overshadow the narrative itself, on the contrary, they complement the dystopian narrative so that you listen to the voice and watch the unfolding scenarios in front of view. The images in desolation give reminiscence close to these times of pandemics. A masterful example of the handling of material, and how to make a project as a collaborative artist. Often we felt taken right into the screen, to scenes that offered a view, a false view of a sea at the end of a street for example, and this is pure art. The piece also raises the question of what have developers done to our lives, what has money done to our lives, what is society today? All of this is wholly examined through an artist's eyes. A reflection of what life is and the importance that it keeps in the little things."


Delluc Avant-Garde Winner

The Life We Live Is Not Life Itself

"The animation achieved in this project represents a harmonious balance between digital resources and technology-assisted processes with the richness of visual texture and rigorous investigation of the natural and organic references of the story. It's also a wonderful combination of the simplicity of cut-out animation with the poignant depth of poetic narrative, told simply and touching. A deep and traumatic theme is given by a restrained voice and eloquent visual metaphors, which also touch the heart. Creating a paper bird that appears to scream is quite a feat. A poetic statement that the only possible future is the eternal return to the origin, a memorable work that any viewer would instinctively embrace in their hearts and minds.


Applause! "

Epstein Special Mention

I'm Soil Breaking Off

" It is an honest and intimate work of the director, a creative and courageous window in times of pandemic, in addition, the value of film-diary lies in the fact that it is very difficult to combine so many images together and feel that they 'just happen' as thoughts or memories; so, there is a lot of hard editing work behind it. 


The soundscape is very remarkable since the diverse listening layers generate a great sensitive atmosphere, this soundscape fully enhances and reinforces the images and the dreamlike sense of life as a collection of incidents. Sometimes the quality was not so clear, some shots were invaded and the meaning of the narrative 'eye' was lost. However, this filmmaker really thought about how the screen was built, in terms of a moving canvas. Thanks for this piece.


A great future of films for the director."

Amero Revelación Award

What Came Next


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