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Changing skin

Changing skin
Dir. Maxime Coton
Belgium 2022
Delluc Avant-garde Winner 2022

RULES 2023

1 The topic to explore in this Fifth Edition is OPEN. What do you imagine Cinema can create in the form of dreams, passions, fears, desires, joys, jokes, ideas, or abstractions? We want to explore a FREE CINEMA that can show us MULTIPLE REALITIES. NO MATTER WHEN YOU'VE IMAGINED & MADE YOUR FILM!

2 The Festival is open to all international mini shorts, short films, and feature films, regardless of their year of production in the categories of filmpoetry, video art, experimental film & avant-garde films. This year we will accept experimental music videos & fashion films.

3 The duration of the mini-shorts must be between 1-3 minutes with credits, from 3:01 and up to 29:59 minutes with credits, they must be registered in the short film category. If the work lasts 30 minutes or more, the Festival will consider them in the avant-garde feature film category and they must be registered as such.


4 The works can be made with any recording format (16mm, 35mm, digital, cell phone, etc.) according to experimentation with the nature of cinema, but its final projection copy must be in HD DIGITAL FORMAT, extension .mov or .mp4, H.264 compression.


5 The genre and technique are free (it can be animation, live action, a poem made by text, audio, visual, no text, fiction, documentary, docu-fiction, non-fiction, documentary, docu-fiction, a mixture of one or more, etc.), according to free experimentation with divergent narratives, poetic logic, hypertext logic, and/or the logic of thought to challenge the borders of poetry and narrative.


6 To participate, you must register your material for viewing through the Festival's official website on the FilmFreeway or Festhome platforms (if you are a student from any country, send an email to to receive a 50% discount on the registration of one work in our professional categories in competition –except mini-short–, you will be asked to verify that you are registered in an Academic Institution or that you have made the film during your studies).

7 Each director can register a maximum of three works regardless of the year of production.


8 For consideration in the selection process, if the works are in a language other than Spanish or English, they must be subtitled in either of these two languages. If your work is selected, you must provide a copy with Spanish subtitles on the date that the Festival requests it so that it can be included in the final program. (A copy with an audio description with English subtitles might also be necessary since the festival seeks to be a space for inclusion that attends and invites people with hearing disabilities to be part of it).


9 The EXTENDED DEADLINE is Sunday, August 10, 2023.

10 A Selection Committee comprised of national and international specialists will review the works sent for consideration and will select those that due to their quality, proposal, experimentation of the limits of cinematographic language, as well as their exploration of audiovisual poetry as creation, will be part of the Festival.


11 The Official Selection will be announced on the Festival's official website and on our social networks. Those selected will be contacted personally by email to deliver their works with the best possible projection quality in HD digital format and their Press Kit. It is your responsibility to periodically check your contact email (also in the SPAM folder or promotions) to receive notification and instructions for the delivery of your materials on the agreed dates and through the means by which the festival requests them to guarantee their inclusion in the final programming.


12 The selected directors who live in Mexico City undertake to attend, on the day their work is screened within the Festival program, at the indicated venue to participate in a Q&A, and thus dialogue with the audience about their works. Those who reside outside of Mexico City and the country may participate with a video presentation that will be requested in advance.

13 A Jury comprised of national and international specialists will award the Prize: "Delluc / Avant-garde" to a work selected by a majority vote consisting of a cash prize of MXN $16,000.00 (or its equivalent in US dollars). Likewise, the Jury will award an "Epstein / Special Mention" endowed with MXN $6,000.00 (or its equivalent in US dollars) to the work that they consider deserving it, and the "Amero Revelation Award" endowed with MXN $4,000.00 (or its equivalent in US dollars) to the new filmmaker who surprises the public with his/her work.


14 The Festival will be hybrid so that our national and international audiences can also enjoy it through online programs and talks. The Fotogenia venues in Mexico City where the projections of the selected works will take place will be revealed in advance. The selected directors will be invited to all screenings, events, and a cocktail after the Closing Ceremony.

15 All submitters will have free access to the online screenings.


16 Once the Festival is over and when Fotogenia deems it appropriate, all the selected works will be uploaded to our web platform FOTOGENIA CHANNEL, a digital historical heritage that makes up the memory of the Festival in a channel for the world, which preserves, integrates and promotes the selected works, and their directors over time.

17 As part of the tasks of the FOTOGENIA FESTIVAL to provide a constant exhibition space for filmmakers from all over the world, once the Festival has concluded, the selected works will be part of different itinerant exhibitions throughout the year, to expand the projection of the same to low-income communities as well as other national and international public spaces as part of our social commitment. The promotion of the works will depend on the agreements that the Festival can make with other Institutions during the following months after the official dates of FOTOGENIA have passed. The directors will be notified and invited to these possible exhibitions.

18 By sending your material, you accept the present rules & regulations hereby described.

19 Any unforeseen situation in these regulations will be solved by FOTOGENIA FESTIVAL Organization at its sole discretion.

Submit your work via


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